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Cheddar Cheese and Ham Potato Soup

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Cheddar Cheese and Ham Potato Soup

Looking for a way to use up left over ham?  This is a great cheesy, creamy recipe that definitely warms you up on a cold winter day!



3 1/2 cups potatoes – peeled and diced

1/3 cup celery – chopped

1/3 cup onion – diced

2 cups cooked ham – diced

3 1/4 cups chicken broth

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

5 tbsp butter

5 tbsp flour

2 cups milk

2 cups cheddar cheese – shredded


First, peel and dice all the potatoes!

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Cheeseburger Soup

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Cheeseburger Soup

This is a great way to trick the kids into eating their veggies!  Chocked full of vegetables with a great cheesy, creamy taste!



1 lb ground beef

1 cup chopped onion

1 cup sliced carrots

2 tbsp butter

4 cups diced potatoes

1/2 pkg frozen corn

1/2 pkg frozen peas

1/4 tsp celery salt

1 tsp basil

1/4 tsp parsley

1/4 tsp garlic salt

1/4 cup flour

3 cans chicken broth

1/4 tsp paprika

16 oz Velvetta cheese

1/4 cup sour cream

salt/pepper to taste


First, chop the onion and carrot and saute them on medium heat in ...

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Summer Squash Soup

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Summer Squash Soup

I started out teaching my boys how to be healthy at an early age.  Plenty of exercise, good night’s sleep and most importantly to eat healthy!  I cook everything from scratch and I prefer to use only fresh, locally grown items when I can.  We love to hit up the local farmer’s market and check out all the goods!  This week, we found an abundance of yellow squash, also known as summer squash.

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