Frequently Asked Questions - Bulk Freezer Cooking

Bulk & Freezer Cooking F.A.Q. :

We get a lot of readers asking for hints and tips, so we thought we’d share in case you wondered the same thing. We’ve had some recipes turn out great, some not so great… so we’ll try and point you in the right direction.


Q. How do I know what I can freeze and what I can’t?

A. One of our most popular questions. So we created a helpful guide to give you an idea: Guide to Foods That Freeze.

Q. Once I take it out of the freezer, how do I reheat it?

A. We also get a lot of questions about how to safely freeze and reheat items. Always ensure food is cooked to proper temperature before serving! Everyone’s stove/oven/microwave is a bit different, so we can’t just say X minutes on high… because that’s just not going to work for everyone.  So, to give some guidance we created a helpful resource: Guide to Freezing and Reheating.

Q. How long will ingredients last in the freezer?

A. This is another one that is hard to answer… in the end it really comes down to how did you package it for freezing and what is it?  Items like tortilla’s and burrito’s freeze great if you get all the air out and will last for months, but if just loosely put in baggies they’ll be freezer burnt in six weeks. Check out our Guide To Freezer Expiration Times.

Q. I’m cooking for a large gathering, how can I reheat and keep them hot while serving?

A. We’ve tried various things, serving in corningware dishes wrapped in heavy towels, setting small pans inside large pans with boiling hot water, serving everything in slow cookers, even putting pans on electric griddles on low.  In their own way they all work to some reasonable extent, but if you want to do it right you really need a chaffing dish.  You can pick these up at samsclub or amazon easily, they have both disposable dishes as well as reusable dishes.  They aren’t that different in price… the disposable version is great for family cookouts at the park because there’s no dishes to haul home and wash, just toss when done.  On the other hand, if it’s something you need a couple times a year, it’s worth it to buy one and keep it in the pantry.

More to come! We’ll keep adding in as questions come in.