Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas

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Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas

These are the most amazing, kid-friendly summer treats!  You can tailor this recipe to your liking with ingredients and number of bananas.  This is what I chose to use:



3 bananas – cut in 1/2

12 oz bag of chocolate chips

1 tbsp butter

popsicle sticks

toppings (sprinkles, coconut, crushed cereal, etc.)


First step is to peel your bananas and cut them in half.

Next, insert a popsicle into the cut end of each banana and place them on a cookie pan.

After each of the bananas has been placed on the pan with a popsicle stick, it is time to freeze the bananas.  Put the pan with the bananas into the freezer and allow to freeze solid (about 1 hour).  When it is close to the hour mark, start getting your toppings ready.  Place them on small plates to make it easy to roll the banana through.

Next it is time to melt the chocolate!  Bring a small amount of water to boil in a sauce pan.  In a separate metal bowl, place the tbsp of butter.

Once the water is boiling, place the bowl on top of the sauce pan.  The butter will then begin to melt.

Now it is time to add the chocolate chips!

Constantly stir to melt the chocolate chips.

Once the chocolate has melted and is smooth, it is time to roll the bananas in it to coat them.

Before the chocolate has a chance to harden, roll the chocolate covered banana in your topping of choice.

Once the banana is completely coated, place on a sheet of wax paper and quickly coat the rest of the bananas.

Place the bananas back in the freezer to harden their toppings, approximately 20 minutes.  Pull out of the freezer one at a time and enjoy!  These treats will store in the freezer for about a week.  A healthier alternative to ice cream for the kids’ after school treat!




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Heather is a single mom of two active little boys who LOVE to eat! She loves to cook and create yummy, healthy dishes for them using as many fresh fruits, vegetables and meats as possible. She loves to share her simple, quick recipes with others who have busy schedules!

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