Sunbeam Breadmaker: A New Tool In The Kitchen

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Sunbeam Breadmaker: A New Tool In The Kitchen

Sunbeam Breadmaker/Bread maker:

We got a new tool in the kitchen last week, a great new bread maker – a Sunbeam 5981 model. So I thought it was an appropriate kitchen gadget to write up on the blog. We found it on, with their free shipping it ended up being cheaper than Wal-Mart. There were a ton of reviews on it as well, overall it had a 4/5 star average from 419 reviews.

(Still in the box!)
(All setup and ready to bake!)
(The bread pan and paddle)
(Fresh Bread…MMMMM…)
(Finished product)

All in all we are very happy with the sunbeam breadmaker, it can make up to two pound loaves, has an easy to clean non stick pan, has 12 baking functions and is even programmable so you can set it to start in the middle of the night and have fresh bread when you wake up!

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