Chopped Beef for BBQ Sandwiches

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Chopped Beef for BBQ Sandwiches

Chopped BBQ Beef sandwiches:

These are a great favorite here in our house, but we don’t always have left over roast or brisket sitting around, so I came up with this… ready to go dinner for 2 size baggies of chopped beef. Just heat and eat.

Step 1: Fire up the old crock pot.

Step 2: Add roast, seasonings and veggies as desired. We just use onions and carrots and it gives a really tasty flavor.

Step 3: Go about your day… come back in 8 hours. This is the easy part. After 8 hours you should have something like this:

Step 4: Remove roast and let rest and cool.

Step 5: Slice, chop, dice and shred as desired. In the end you should have something like this:

Step 6: Put into serving size containers. We were all out so I used freezer bags. For us, 1 cup of chopped beef does about 4 hamburger buns ~approx dinner for two).

Step 7: Freeze.

Step 8: Once removed from freezer for use, just warm the beef slightly. Then add a squirt of BBQ sauce as desired and finish warming.

You should end up with something like this:

Step 9: Serve on some buns (any buns) and eat.

The best part is that this is so easy in the front end, how much easier can it get but dumping everything in the crock pot and walking away. Yet it is so awesome on the dinner table, tastes like a BBQ joint.

In the end one 4 pound roast yielded us 9 baggies (or 9 dinners).

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