Bulk Spaghetti and Meat Sauce: Great for any pasta

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Bulk Spaghetti and Meat Sauce: Great for any pasta

Bulk Spaghetti and Meat Sauce:

Aka Bulk Pasta Sauce, perfect for a quick heat and eat home cooked meal. The best part is that it is very cheap considering how many meals you get out of it.

I’ve made this several times before and it is an absolute favorite among all.

Step 1. Fire up the oven at 375*F to preheat.

Step 2. Crumble up your ground beef in the bottom of a roasting pan. This beef was starting to brown from sitting in the fridge, so yours will look prettier than mine. This is about 5.5 Pounds of ground beef.

Step 3. Dump on the flavor. I don’t use any seasoning or salt… just all natural veggies. I use a generous amount of onions, celery and green peppers. It makes the meat soo tasty.

Step 4. We love mushrooms, so I also dumped in 2 pounds of mushrooms. This would be a good time to add anything else you want in here.

Step 5. Cover with a lid and slam it into the oven for about 50 minutes. I usually stop about 30 mins into it and chop the meat up a bit more.

Step 6. Once done be sure to drain it good to get all the fat out, I usually give it a rinse while I’m at it to make sure it’s nothing but meat and veggies. This is what you should be looking at. Good enough to eat as is.

Step 7. Tomato it up. I dumped in 4 cans of diced tomatoes and 4 cans of tomato sauce.

Step 8. Now at this point its almost there, but here is the secret… to even out the acidity of the tomatoes, you need to add sugar to neutralize it. I stir in about 1/4 cup or more for the entire roaster full. You can taste test and always add more. Brown sugar or white, I used to think brown sugar was best, but now that I have made it with both I can’t tell a difference.

Step 9. Pop it back in the oven for another 20 to 30 minutes just to simmer all the flavors together. You could skip this step, but I have found it does help the flavor. In the end this is what you should be looking at. Yummy meaty goodness.

Step 10. Put it into serving size containers and freeze. We like to use tupperware specifically since it seems to hold up a lot better in the freezer and microwave. I’ve even used ziplocs in a pinch.

Step 11. Heat and eat. Now for supper all you need to do is nuke it in the microwave while you boil some noodles. 10 minutes later dinner is served. Best of all, it’s home cooked and you know exactly what went into it. No weird preservatives.

Doesn’t that look delicious!

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Hi, I'm Shane, aka Hungry Dad. I'm as busy as everyone these days and my two boys just add to that. I hate when we have to eat out and love to come home and have a home cooked meal with the family after a rough day. But who has the time, right? Well, with a lot of trial and error we found a bunch of great, easy to make recipes that can be made in bulk and freeze well. This means we can have home cookin' in about the same time as making a box of mac and cheese. Convenient and yummy!

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