Bulk Green Bean Casserole – A Great Freeze, Heat and Eat Side Dish

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Green Bean Casserole Recipe:

-DELETED- cooks great, freezes great, thaws… not so great.


We’ve done this a couple times, take it from us, not really worth it.  The convenience saved is killed by the soup separating. Just don’t do it…


Hungry Dad

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Hi, I'm Shane, aka Hungry Dad. I'm as busy as everyone these days and my two boys just add to that. I hate when we have to eat out and love to come home and have a home cooked meal with the family after a rough day. But who has the time, right? Well, with a lot of trial and error we found a bunch of great, easy to make recipes that can be made in bulk and freeze well. This means we can have home cookin' in about the same time as making a box of mac and cheese. Convenient and yummy!

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